Monday, September 17, 2012

Diet Advice for Your Soul

Many years ago I worked as a nutrition counselor. My clients were those wanting to learn healthy eating habits in order to loose weight. When they would come to me with their craving dilemmas I frequently gave the following two pieces of advice: when a craving for (insert bad for you food here) hits you, #1. go brush your teeth. It is unlikely that you will still want the taste for (above craving) when your mouth is minty fresh. We are all familiar with the bad combination of a freshly clean mouth and orange juice! #2. if #1 fails, follow up with a cup of tea, not only can the preparation of a cup of tea distract you from your boredom (big-time contributor to food cravings), but filling your belly with hot tea can make you feel as full and nourished as if you had had a meal there-by eliminating the need for a snack.

Recently I have found that these two bits of wisdom can be transferred to dealing with unhealthy thoughts.

When you are faced with brooding thoughts of (insert negative bad-for-you feelings here) go wash your face, take a shower or better yet a candle lit bubble bath. This cleansing act can help refresh your mind by literally washing away the negative energy. And, I am pretty sure it is scientificly impossible to be in a bad mood while you are soaking in sweet smelling suds.

For super duper thunder clouds of (above thoughts) for which the above alone cannot solve, drink tea. Not only are there many herbal tea remedies for boosting a bad mood (ie: St. John's Wart) but tea, and the making there of, in and of itself, can be very uplifting. There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea. ~Bernard-Paul Heroux.  

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