Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Tassology is the science, or art, of fortune telling by reading the sediments of tea leaves found at the bottom of a tea cup. While I may not actually believe in the outcome of a reading in the same way I would say, believe that the world is round and at this moment I may actually be hanging upside down in the universe and the only thing keeping me on the planet is that it is spinning really fast and instead of flinging me off of it or tossing me this way or that like the Mad Tea Party Ride at Disneyland is that this spinning and rotating is what is keeping us, well, grounded, I do believe that there is such a thing as a really good cup of tea; and that while drinking said cup of tea it is possible that one might find enough peace in that moment to find inspiration or come to a realization of a solution to a problem that had been previously perplexing and troublesome to the drinker; and if as meditating over the swirling of tea sediments in the bottom of my cup a certain intuition should come over me I would believe in that vision, no matter if it should seem as absurd as swinging upside down from a spinning globe.

It was during one such reverie that I decided I should like to work in, no -- own and operate a Tea Shop. And so the idea for Tassology Tea was brewed. The cup did not offer any advice as to how I would develop funding for this endeavor or how I would go about becoming a first time business owner but I thought of all of the women that I know who have their own business and I find that often their humble beginnings were not so different than mine. I have worked as an Operations Manager for the better part of my career literally “operating” the businesses owned by others, surely I have derived enough knowledge in this life to embark on this path. One of my favorite quotes I read in a book by Brigid Lowry about how to become a writer is “in this moment I know everything there is to know about publishing a book, and whatever I don't know I can ask”... or something like that. I like to rearrange the words to be applicable to any situation and I do that here and now, I know everything there is to know about starting a business and for everything that I do not know I need only to ask.

In addition to quirky tales about life lessons learned from Tea Cups, Tarot Cards, Horoscopes and Buddha Quotin' Yoga Teachers... The following pages of this blog will be about how I generated the money, information and support I needed to make the successful Tassology Tea ~ a Cafe, Yoga Space, Massage Studio, Music Venue and Art Gallery. I would like to thank all of the people who helped make this dream a reality and supported me on this path and welcome any comments or advice you may have that may help me bring my prophesy to fruition.  

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